• Supporting Professional Parents

    A coaching and learning consultancy, specialising in successfully combining work and parenthood.

  • What We Do

    We partner with organisations and their working parents at three important points during this exciting, yet challenging, stage

    in their careers:

    1) Pre: Structuring wrap up of current work and designing a maternity/paternity leave plan
    2) During: Checking in, exploring new realities and planning for return
    3) Post: Planning for a successful career alongside parenthood


    Working with our trademarked Parents Inc Handbook of coaching and strategy exercises, together we build a personalised plan for each individual - helping to make the transition through this change in their professional and personal lives as seamless and successful as possible - supporting both them, and the organisations which they are part of.


    Participants on the Parents Inc programmes learn via group face-to-face coaching and/or individual coaching via Skype/Facetime/Telephone.

  • How We Do It

    We work with our client partners to make sure we are complimenting their culture and objectives

    Our 3 Stage Approach

    We work with people throughout their transition - supporting both them and the organisations they are part of

  • Meet Our Team

    As working parents, our Founders have significant professional business expertise as well as first-hand experience of juggling work and parenting.  Parents Inc was created to overcome the challenges of maternity/paternity leave, helping organisations not to lose great talent and individuals not to lose their careers, as they both navigate successfully combining work and parenting.

    Lara Roche

    Coach and learning consultant, with Board level HR experience and the CIPD’s highest professional accreditation…and mum of two.

    Liz Keene

    Coach and learning consultant, with both in-house and external consultant HR/Training experience …and mum of one.



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